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Our Story


The Mask Buddy is created with love with our front-line workers and their families in mind. From our 4-way stretch breathable fabric, the side compartment for inserting disposable mask, to soft fabric ear-loops, all featured were created for our front-line workers who tend to wear face mask for a long period of time.  

Every mask we sell, we are donating one to our front-line workers & their families, and communities in need.

Besides medical workers, first responders, fire fighters, police officers who keep us safe, we also cover garbage collectors, farm workers, grocery workers, postal workers and park rangers who are working bravely everyday for us. We will also donate to homeless shelter, nursing home, and for those who may have difficulties in getting protection for their love ones.

“When things are all messed up beyond recognition, that’s when the heroes step forward and create things, invent things and develop things that change the world. And that’s what’s needed right now. If you have a vision for America 2.0, now is the time.” Mark Cuban.

We are not hero for sure, the front-line workers are. We are just a group of hard-working folks in apparel industry looking for ways to give. The donation will not be ended, there will be other products after the pandemic. We will continue to explore, invent and create products that can help changing the world. Please feel free to share your thoughts at info@themaskbuddy.com , we will look into it.


The Mask Buddy is a 100% Women and Minority owned company. 

Mask Buddy team