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Our Donations

We created this page to add transparency on our donations. For those who were our early customers, you must know we were sell 2 masks donate 1 when we launched Mask Buddy in early May. In order to donate more masks to our front-line workers as soon as possible, we had changed to sell 1 donate 1 in mid May. We had also decided to donate more masks than we sold since we have planned inventory for donation no matter how the sales go anyway. We would like you to know that all these donations would not happen without your supports, so THANK YOU for giving with us, you are part of this! Also, a Big THANK to our front-line workers who accepted our appreciations.  

Creating this website is one of the most heart-warming experiences in our life, we get a chance to talk, listen, and encourage a lot of people. Knowing their stories, good or bad, have motivated us to do the right things going forward.

 #HumanTogether #StayTogether  #SpreadLove 

  • Academic Solution (Belen, MN): 100 Mask Buddy
  • ES Brown School (Swansea, MA): 70 Teen Mask Buddy
  • Thorndyke Road School (Worcester, MA): 15 Teen Mask Buddy and 80 Kid's Mask Muddy
  • McAuliffe Elementary Parent Club (Bakersfield, CA): 40 Kids Mask Buddy
  • Low Income Apartment Complex (Searcy, AR): 60 Mask Buddy
  • Oakleaf Village Elementary (Orange Park, CA): 2 Mask Buddy, 10 Teen and 10 Kids Mask Buddy
  • Pennycook Elementary School (Vallejo,CA): 80 Mask Buddy, 50 Teen and 50 Kids Mask Buddy
  • Thrive Support & Advocacy (Marlborough, MA): 100 Mask Buddy
  • Waller Road Home (Tacoma, WA): 27 Mask Buddy
  • EMS (East Hampton, NY): 34 Mask Buddy and 12 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Spreading Smiles and Sandwiches (Colorado Springs, CO) They serve between 80 - 120 unhoused persons the 2nd Sunday of each month: 100 Mask Buddy 
  • W.B. Green Jr. High School (La Feria, TX) : 68 Mask Buddy and 100 Mask Buddy Teen
  • Imagine Schools Chancellor Campus (Boynton Beach, FL) : 25 Mask Buddy Teen
  • Kankakee County Health Department (Kankakee, IL) : 45 Mask Buddy
  • Gardner Elementary School (Swansea, MA) : 30 Mask Buddy & 100 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Pike County Schools (KY) : 2 Mask Buddy & 12 Mask Buddy Teen
  • Jesup Elementary  School (Jesup, IA) : 100 Mask Buddy Mini
  • FCC Behavioral Health (Hayti, MO) : 50 Mask Buddy
  • Rite Aid (Elyria, OH) : 30 Mask Buddy
  • Cooper Commons (Hayti, MO) : 29 Mask Buddy for patients and staff
  • Center for Cosmetic and Sedation Dentistry (Lawrenceville, GA): 35 Mask Buddy
  • McDonald Awesome Staff (Pawhuska, OK): 35 Mask Buddy
  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital Circle of Friends (Bentonville, AR): 100 Mask Buddy Mini and 100 Mask Buddy Teen
  • West Plains Adolescent RISE (West Plains, MO): 46 Mask Buddy
  • Michael D Fox Elementary School (Hartford,CT): 70 Mask Buddy 
  • Elizabeth S. Brown Elementary School (Swansea, MA): 130 Mask Buddy, Teen and Mini
  • Camp Ronald McDonald (Long Beach and Los Angeles, CA) they help keep families with sick children together and near the care & resources they need : 105 Mask Buddy, Teen and Mini
  • Merriman Park Elementary School (Dallas, TX): 65 Mask Buddy
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School (Hartford, CT): 75 Mask Buddy
  • West Middle School (Hartford, CT): 75 Mask Buddy
  • Wapsie Valley elementary School (Fairbank, Iowa): 143 Mask Buddy
  • Jesup Community High School (Jesup, Iowa) : 50 Mask Buddy
  • Chelsea Senior Living (Shrewsbury, NJ) : 25 Mask Buddy
  • Colvin Elementary (Wichita, KS): 150 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Muskegon Covenant Academy (Muskegon MI) serves to prevent youth homelessness and youth incarceration by providing educational opportunities and other services, including residential, to dropout, homeless, at-risk and disenfranchised youth: 250 Mask Buddy
  • Friend's University, Sodexo (Wichita, KS): 20 Mask Buddy
  • Citrus Memorial Hospital, CPU Night Shift (Inverness, FL): 30 Mask Buddy
  • Department of Health Children, Youth, Family Division (San Francisco, CA): 200 Mask Buddy Mini
  • St. Patrick Catholic School (Wichita, KS) 92% of students qualify at low-income and are eligible for free/reduced-price meals. All of the students receive full scholarships for tuition: 105 Mask Buddy and 133 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Connect The Dots OT (Jersey City, NJ): 32 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Paige Academy (Roxbury, MA) Community-based educational institution for low-income, African-American students: 40 Mask Buddy and 78 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Sundance Preschool (Bellevue, WA) stays open for kids of Front-line/Essential workers: 40 Mask Buddy and 25 Mask Buddy Mini
  • UNC Family Medicine (Hillsborough, NC): 20 Mask Buddy
  • Crossroads Care Center - Nursing Home Patients (Mayville, WI): 60 Mask Buddy
  • Schertz Animal Hospital (Schertz, TX): 35 Mask Buddy
  • Honor Health Deer Valley - Level 1 Trauma Center and Emergency Department (Phoenix, AZ): 30 Mask Buddy
  • Genesis Community Ambulance (Zanesville, OH): 110 Mask Buddy
  • Life Skills Classroom - Middle Smithfield Elementary (East Stroudsburg, PA): 12 Mask Buddy & 20 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Mercy Cancer Center (Washington, MO): 30 Mask Buddy & 10 Mask Buddy Mini 
  • Food Soldiers (Columbus, Ohio) Check them out, what they are doing is amazing: 125 Mask Buddy & 25 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Rocky Mountain Oncology (Casper, WY): 75 Mask Buddy for Cancer Patients
  • A Caring Alternative (Morganton, NC) Staff and Patients: 150 Mask Buddy
  • Thrive Support & Advocacy (Marlborough, MA): 100 Mask Buddy
  • City of Portland Maine (Public works, Code Enforcement, Social Services, Shelters): 250 Mask Buddy & 150 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Summa Health (Akron, OH): 200 Mask Buddy
  • Let Love Foundation (Harlem, NY): 150 Mask Buddy & 50 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Community Behavioral Health Services (San Francisco CA) Mental illness patience from family abused: 100 Mask Buddy & 100 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Retama Manor Nursing Center (Harlingen, TX): 145 Mask Buddy
  • Walmart Store Workers (Alabama): 108 Mask Buddy
  • Sanitation workers and Families (San Jose CA): 100 Mask Buddy & 30 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Park Rangers and Families (San Jose CA): 20 Mask Buddy & 10 Mask Buddy Mini
  • First Responders and Families (San Jose CA): 60 Mask Buddy & 20 Mask Buddy Mini
  • Fire Fighters (San Jose CA): 60 Mask Buddy
  • Police Offices (San Jose CA): 60 Mask Buddy
  • Family Supportive Housing (San Jose CA): 50 Mask Buddy
  • Coliseum Medical Centers (Macon, GA): 30 Mask Buddy
  • Clay Primary & Family Care (Orange Park, FL): 20 Mask Buddy
  • Nurses/Postal Workers/EMS and Families(across the country):  2,404 Mask Buddy 1636 Mask Buddy Mini & 437 Mask Buddy Teen
  • Grocery/Store Workers and Families (across the country): 1739 Mask Buddy, 1792 Mask Buddy Mini & 752 Mask Buddy Teen
  • Low Income/Elderly/Immune-Compromised individuals (across the country): 5,729 Mask Buddy, 3,217 Mask Buddy Mini & 1,122Mask Buddy Teen
Total Donation to-date: 24,598 Mask Buddy/Mask Buddy Mini/Teen

Please contact us below if you know anyone, any organizations and cities are in need of fabric face covering. Remember, Mask Buddy is designed to wear with  disposable medical mask for high risk activities, it can also be worn alone as a face covering. Be well, stay safe and spread the love!

Mask Buddy Team