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Thank you for giving with us! Below are the frequently asked questions for Mask Buddy:

1. Where is Mask Buddy made from?

Mask Buddy is made from a socially responsible factory in Vietnam. Inventory is in USA. We don’t accept pre-order so you can be assure that you will receive your items fast. We are sorry if we disappointed you that Mask Buddy is not made in USA. Our first focus is to show appreciations to our front-line workers/families during this difficult time and provide product to communities in need and our customers. Our next focus will be supporting Made in USA movement, we are in the process of developing a made in USA product at the moment.

2. How long does it take to receive Mask Buddy?

Your items will be shipped the same day if order is placed before 2 PM PST, shipped next day if order is place after 2 PM PST. Your items will be shipped via USPS, it will normally take 3 business day to your shipping address. USPS tracking number will be sent to your email address after shipping label is created.

3. What’s good about Mask Buddy? 

Mask Buddy is made from two-layer 4-way stretch soft breathable fabric with US Patent Pending side compartment all the way through from one ear to another. It is designed to wear with disposable mask, which is in short supply, to prolong its 90 minutes lifespan. Mask Buddy provides comfort if you need to wear medical grade disposable face mask at work or go to high risk places like medical institutes for doctor appointment. You can also insert filter which is available in the market.  Mask Buddy can also be worn alone as a face covering which is recommended by CDC. Ear loop made with soft spandex fabric to avoid pressure to your ears. Since it is made of stretchable fabric, no nose wire is needed for better fit.

4. What is Mask Buddy made of?

Mask Buddy is made of two-layer, 4-way stretch, soft, breathable, quick dry Polyester fabric. There are some misinformation out there about polyester.  Polyester doesn’t attract virus and also doesn’t grow bacteria. It in fact has better mildew resistance than Cotton, that’s why it is widely used in athletics apparel. Cotton is natural fiber with better absorbency while Polyester is man-made fiber that dry quicker and more durable. It’s a matter of preference when it comes to cotton or polyester.

5. Do we really sell 1 donate 1? 

Absolutely. This is the main reason we created this website. We are a group of experts who have 20+ years  product development, sourcing and production experience in apparel industry. We are looking for ways to give and show our appreciations to essential workers during this difficult time while providing great quality products and service to our customers. Please visit “Our Donations” and “Our Story” page for more information about our donations to-date.

5. Do we offer Kid’s Mask Buddy?

Yes, Mask Buddy Mini is for Kids. But as a reminder, CDC doesn’t recommend children who is younger than 2 years old or person who has existing respiratory diseases or shows respiratory difficulties when wears face covering.

6. What are the size measurements of Mask Buddy and Mask Buddy Mini?

Adult Size: 3D shaped, 9 1/2" from ear to ear; 6 3/4" width at center front

Kid's Size: 3D shaped, 8" from ear to ear; 5 1/4" width at center front

Both are made of 4-way stretch fabric, so it’s one size fit all for adult men and women, boys or girls, or transgenders. It's also best for high impact activities. 

7. Is Mask Buddy a medical grade face mask?

No, Mask Buddy is not a medical grade face mask. So far, only disposable masks with FDA approved Surgical 3-ply masks or respirators marked on the packaging are medical grade. If you don’t see the words “Surgical” or “FDA approved” and/or “Niosh approved” on the packaging, they are not medical grade. So be aware when you make the purchase even in your local pharmacy stores. However, Mask Buddy is designed to wear with disposable mask or filter for extra protection and comfort.

8. Does Mask Buddy have anti-microbial finish?

First of all, anti-microbial is an agent that destroys or prohibits the multiplication of bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses (best finish within 10 minutes). It has been widely used in athletic apparel, socks and under-garment. The performance of anti-microbial finish on fabric will usually be diminished after 20 times of washes. We decided to skip anti-microbial finish on Mask Buddy because it has rarely been used for product like face mask that is directly contacting to our mouth and nose. It also depending on what kind of fabric (knitted or woven, density of fabric) the finish is applying to. 

9. Is wearing face mask increase the level of carbon dioxide intake to your body?

Think about this, if you can breath in the oxygen through the face mask, it means you can breath out the carbon dioxide through it. Face mask is needed in most industries like health care, constructions, food processing, if wearing a face mask will increase the intake of carbon dioxide to our body that would impact our health, there would be many lawsuits in those industries already.

10. I heard that wearing face mask will inhibit immune system to develop antibodies for Covid-19, is that true?

We don’t have an answer for that.  We are no medical expert. However, there are still lots of unknown about Covid-19 and there is no effective cure yet. Only individuals who contacted Covid-19 have antibodies in their bodies so far. Some have no symptoms, some have severe symptoms. Wearing a face mask is to lower the chance of contacting Covid-19 and protect others who are likely to have severe or life-threatening symptoms if they are contacted to Covid-19 (or flu). Therefore, before we find a effective cure, please follow the advices from medical experts. You are lucky if you can build your immune system, but please also think about others who are less fortunate. 

11. Who do we consider front-line workers?

Anyone who has been working since Covid-19 outbreak as an essential worker. We also donate to communities in need, including low-income, elderly and homeless. We also cover shipping cost to all our donations. For donations more than 5 units, we will require receipt with organization’s letter head.